Ukrainian Health Fund was founded in 2011. It is an independent organization with the aim to make real steps today and improve public health tomorrow. There are two main obstacles in the way to the healthy lifestyle in Ukraine: the lack of radical healthcare reform and low level of public awareness about the condition of national healthcare system and true possibilities to strength the health.

The mission of the Fund is to support social and economic prosperity of Ukraine by protecting and enhancing the health of Ukrainian people.

Objectives and tasks:

  • to establish a dialogue between authorities, business community and society in Ukraine in the
  • area of healthcare reform;
  • to implement the best world experience in the area of the healthcare reform;
  • to provide society with authoritative information about economic aspects of healthcare system,
  • different approaches to healthcare reform, predictable results of the effective transformations;
  • to provide authorities with information, concerning healthcare reform;
  • to support legislative initiatives with the aim to improve national healthcare system;
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle, to inspire every Ukrainian to take care of his own health.

High-priority activities:

- working out the amendments of the current legislation in the area of healthcare reform;
- implementing the social and educative projects, aimed to improve the healthcare system; - drafting the
social bills;
- supporting the pilot reformative projects;
- keeping the responsible authority informed of the foreign experience in the area of healthcare reform;
- searching and realizing of the new ideas and high technology in the healthcare system.

The Fund unites everybody who cares about the health of Ukrainian people and the future of Ukraine,
who has knowledge and experience in the area of public healthcare and who wants to perfect it.

The Fund is open for challenging ideas, interesting projects and partnership!